Sunday, 12 January 2014

And the shader.. ( Updated)

Map -

  • Grayscale sky lighting (Lightmass)
  • Set Spec and Roughness values = 1 if use SRO (Specular, Roughness, Other) (Sample in MI folder)
  • Fresnel controls for metals face=1. 90 = 1 - (sample in MI folder)
  • Experiment with mixing base layer and coat layer. 
  • Cube map is situated in F_Cube material function, just replace with one you need. Try to use same values ( brightness-contrast-saturation) for cube and env texture.  ( for instance Sky texture brightness 2.0, cube texture brightness 2.0) 

For instance blurry base layer and light , less blurry  coat layer for plastics.

Semi reflective and gloss main layer (0.5. 0.5), and coating with max blur on grazing angles ( face 0, 90 1+) for Velvet like effects, etc.

It still in progress, I will tweak and probably fix something. Hopefully will improve lighting model. 


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