Sunday, 24 July 2016

Titanpass level update

Latest update of Titan pass level, it was in sort of done state, but had some issues, I start making new material for walls and rocks, and slowly Rick Kohler become involved and re-mesh most of architecture and in play area rocks.

What I did: Unified texel scale between most of surfaces, new shaders for walls, rocks, statues, ground, and ground meshes. Ground meshing, boulders and rocks meshing on walls. Some additional meshing on level. Background meshing, dirt material layer, puddles material, base lighting set up and final tweaking of lighting, values, surfaces colors and post process, optimization. 

I was using existing textures made by Josh Marlow, and other artists from epic games. 
Original assets were made by Josh Marlow and Rick Kohler. 
Additional assets optimization Josh Marlow

Because of limited time, I had to simplify my original background vista from being dramatic mountain ridge dropping across the level to the valley with few castles  toward more simple lake view from one side and distanced landscape on the other.

Videos from comunity

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